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Experience the excitement of endless running with Subway Surfers, a classic game that's still popular to this day. Take on the role of Jake, who surfs the subways and tries to escape from the grumpy inspector and his dog. Navigate through the fast-paced subway environment, dodging trains, trams, obstacles, and more. Collect coins to unlock powerful power-ups and special gear to help you go further in each run. With coins, you can also unlock different characters and boards. Personalize your gameplay by customizing the characters and upgrading your hoverboards with special powers. Don't forget to complete the awards and participate in daily Word Hunts in 'MyTour' to collect valuable rewards. Play Subway Surfers on your mobile phone and tablet, or on your PC, all for free without downloading. If you're a fan of endless runner games, be sure to check out our Running Games collection.

Join the exciting world of endless running with Subway Surfers! In this classic game, you'll play as Jake as he surfs through the subways while trying to evade the grumpy Inspector and his dog. Avoid trains, trams, obstacles and more to see how far you can go. Collect coins to unlock power-ups, special gear and more, helping you reach new distances in Subway Surfers every time. Coins can also be used to unlock new characters and boards. Use keys to customize your characters and upgrade your hoverboards with special powers. Don't forget to complete challenges for extra keys. In 'MyTour,' you'll find daily Word Hunts and missions that reward you with prizes. Created by Sybo in 2012, Subway Surfers remains one of the most popular online games today!

​Subway Surfers has gone HTML5, allowing you to play the game on your mobile phone and tablet online, directly in your browser, exclusively on You can also enjoy playing Subway Surfers on your PC for free, without the need for a download. If you're looking for similar games, check out our Running Games collection. Start surfing now on!

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Join the Subway Surfers adventure as they touch down in the American Football capital of the world, Atlanta. Immerse yourself in the sports-themed streets as you run and surf through the city, even making your way through the stadium. Need a break from football? Check out the stunning botanical gardens or soar above the city skyline with a pogo stick or jetpack. Make the most of halftime by playing Subway Surfers. Did you know that over 100 million people tune in to watch the Super Bowl each year? Enjoy your time in Atlanta with Subway Surfers World Tour.

How to play Subway Surfers online?​

You play this game on Poki by using your keyboard:

  • Left/right arrow - Move left/right
  • Up arrow - Jump
  • Down arrow - Roll
  • Space - Activate hoverboard

Can you play Subway Surfers online for free on a computer?

Experience the thrill of Subway Surfers without having to download the game to your computer. Play for free in your browser using just your keyboard and mouse. Enhance your gaming experience with full-screen mode available on your PC. Start playing Subway Surfers online now for an unforgettable gaming experience.

Who created Subway Surfers?

Sybo Games, based in Denmark, created the highly popular mobile game Subway Surfers. With a record-breaking 1.8 billion downloads, Subway Surfers is a top choice among players worldwide (as of 2021).