Star Stable

Star Stable Game

The universe of Star Stable, galloping towards the island of Jorvik

In this free-to-play game, fully playable without downloading, you will set off on the back of your favorite horse to explore the farthest reaches of the island of Jorvik, a magical world full of adventures.

This island is inhabited by residents, and some of them may hide mysteries! In Star Stable, you will also have to solve puzzles and complete quests with other players online.

More than 10 million players

It must be admitted that Star Stable is THE reference in online horse games. Since its launch in 2011, the number of regular players has continued to increase, surpassing the 10 million mark after only 6 years of existence in 2017. Every month, no less than 500,000 players connect to Star Stable and set off on adventures on the island of Jorvik. And if you thought this game was mainly popular with girls, think again - just under half of all these riders are boys, and they are all fans of horse riding!

In summary, what we liked:

  • The world of Jorvik, magnificent and entirely in 3D
  • The great variety of horse breeds
  • The quests to complete together
  • The training and experience gain aspect.

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The MMORPG game Star Stable is a free-to-play game up to level 5, with a subscription required for the continuation of the adventure past this level. It is playable without downloading and is aimed at all horse enthusiasts. The game universe is quite feminine, but the game appeals to everyone. The adventures take place on the island of Jorvik, a playful and attractive environment that awaits you, a chivalrous adventure centered around the interest of the animal.

Welcome to the exciting adventures of Star Stable.

Presentation of Star Stable

You can play for free up to level 5, and after that, you will need to subscribe to continue the adventures of Star Stable. Everything takes place on this somewhat mysterious island of Jorvik where some inhabitants seem to be hiding secrets...

Game context:
As an intern, you must therefore join a stable on the island of Jorvik, and it is also where you will have to solve several puzzles. It should be noted that darkness once reigned on this island. Then one day, a meteorite crashed to reveal a beautiful rider on her white horse, a beautiful light in one hand and a golden harp in the other. This was the sign that the light was finally returning to the island. Since that moment, the inhabitants and animals, especially the horses, have had very special relationships... However, it is important not to lose sight of the fact that beneath the waters of the surrounding sea, there is still an evil power called Gamok, so it is important to remain cautious and follow the rules on the island.

Star Stable is not a childish game as one might think at first glance, as evidenced by the fact that there are more than 10 million players worldwide who enjoy coming together in these adventures. Interest is paramount, and the quests, social interactions, races, and all the care that must be given to the horses are very appealing to fans of the game.

To start playing, just sign up.

Entering the game:
The character represents the rider who arrives on the island of Jorvik to work at a stable, specifically the Moorland stable. The island has an institute of hippology, which demonstrates the interest that horses have on this island. This institute allows you to learn a lot about the animal. You can customize your character's physical features, then the appearance of the horse, and you also choose the name of your horse. You must win resources and rewards through daily challenges, quests, and missions, which translate into money, experience points, equipment, and of course, you must compete in races with other players.

On the graphic level, Star Stable is very successful, which adds to the exciting adventures that the player will experience.

Some Star Stable peculiarities:
Regarding the cost of the annual subscription, it is not huge, only 50 euros, which remains very reasonable. Of course, once a person signs up, they can play for free up to level 5, which is a good approach because it is difficult to give up the adventures once they are known.

The reasonable cost and the interest of the game make many parents accept to subscribe their children to play Star Stable, a game where everything is well controlled, with no risks to fear as can be the case with some role-playing games.

The available interactivity is designed to remain child-friendly, so it is mostly pleasant encounters that can take place, and the game universe is aimed primarily at a young audience. The adventures are based on mysteries to be discovered, on the timers of races between players, on the desire to beat one's own record, and on all the interests that revolve around the horse, caring for it, brushing it, equipping it...

A good male or female rider quickly stands out on the island if their horse is well taken care of, and it even allows them to win prizes. It is possible to win various clothing and equipment for your horse. Every Wednesday a challenge is proposed, so in Star Stable, you never get bored. The Star Stable community is large and well-regulated.

The entire environment is pleasant, and even the music is well-chosen. When the evil universe is approached with Gamok, it is only for the story, and the child playing is not at risk of having nightmares. This should be clarified to reassure families. Like any other game, it is recommended to monitor the child's playtime so that they do not overdo it.

The opinions of many gamers:
They like:
-The total game universe
-The quests, races, and training
-The diversity of horses
-The available customization
-The rewards and gifts
They don't like:
-For some, the music can be repetitive...